Monday, October 29, 2007

World Series Impressions - Game 4

Well that was that! Too bad the Roxs couldn't get at least one victory at home. They certainly had their chances but for as much luck they had getting to the world series, that same luck sided with the Red Sox for this series. I don't think the Roxs were as bad as they appeared nor do I think the Red Sox were that dominant but for 4 games the Soxs made the pitches and got the timely hits whereas the Roxs just couldn't manufacture that break. So the ugly truth:


Tad bit ugly for the Roxs. The big thing that stands out is the 36 strikeouts by the Roxs and the 19 walks allowed by the Roxs. We had 41 (2 HBP) base runners (plated .244) and they had 67 (1 HBP) base runners (plated .433). We turned 3 double plays and they only turned 2. We left 28 men in on base, they left 34. Finally the Roxs batted .167 with runners in scoring position and Soxs were .419! Yikes! A complete offensive thumping by the Sox or alot of timely hits (or bad pitches). The best evaluation I read was from the USA Today which basically gave the Red Sox scouting department in A+ for giving a fantastic script for the pitchers to use. Granted you have to have pitchers who can make the pitches and that rotation they sent out did that very thing and well our pitchers never seemed to get that dominant strike out or the much needed double play. In the end I think the Roxs were just a bit in over their head. A big stage to be on for the first time and a mammoth historical team to have to face the first time around. Hopefully this will make the next time not so scary!

Saturday, October 27, 2007

World Series Impressions - Game 3

First World Series game in Denver! Went into town and checked the scene out. Kind of apropos that I took a picture with a big Boston shirt right in front...doh! Didn't have tickets, didn't try too hard as I figured if I was meant to get them I would have gotten them online (probably a bad assumption as I knew no one who actually got tickets on the ticket day!). Anyway a great festive atmosphere. Lots of Rockies fans, lots of purple, silver, and black! Lots of Boston colors too. Bit chilly but overall a beautiful day for baseball in the Mile High City. Was amazed to see all the people wanting tickets. One Boston fan was waving a $1,000 (10 $100 bills) trying to find a single ticket. WOW! The place was be frank...I was a bit sad that I couldn't go in. It would have been fun. The game, well not so fun for the Roxs. I really thought they'd get home and get the bats swinging again. Unfortunately once again our bats were quiet. We did briefly flirt with our previous ways closing a 6 - 0 deficit to 6 - 5 but then promptly gave it back and ended up losing 10 - 5. Down 3 - 0 I think the Roxs days our numbered.

Friday, October 26, 2007

World Series Impressions - Game 2

A good, respectable game although we lost 2 - 1. Frankly I don't think the Rockies are that bad offensively and neither do I think the Red Sox pitching is that dominant but in these first 2 games pitching has certainly out done hitting. Only getting 5 hits is pretty pathetic especially considering Holliday got 4 of them! Where do we go from here? Well some home cooking will certainly help. Coors has always favored the Roxs hitters so hopefully getting home will help in the offensive department. Need to have the Fogger come through with a huge performance. It would be nice to see Helton get some meaningful hits. Tale of the tape hasn't been pretty up to date. 61 at bats, 2 runs, 11 hits, 3 walks, and 22 K's! (yikes). It has got to get better hasn't it? Let's get one tomorrow and go from there!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

World Series Impressions - Game 1

Yikes! That wasn't much fun. How many Rox fans wished there was the Little League mercy rule in effect? Not much really to report. The defensive looked good. The bats weren't too awful considerine Beckett was unhittable. The real issue was the lack of any good pitching. That looked October scary. As Peter Gammons said earlier today, at least the Roxs weren't winning 3 - 2 in the 9th and lost to a Manny walk off home run. Overall nothing really to build on other than it is over and we move on to Game 2. Let's hope the arms are back. Way I looked at it was the 91 series Atlanta lost the first two games, went home won 3 and then couldn't win won more. We just need to steal one...and free tacos!