Monday, December 22, 2008

Rox Talk - 2008 Pitching

This is my crazy pitching blog post, stop if you hate numbers ;-)

Basically Cook and Jimenez were the work horses for the team. De la Rosa was the surprise and savior. The first four pitchers accounted for 75% (2007 had 5 pitchers to account for 75% of the IP) of the starts and overall the starting pitching accounted for 61.7% (2007, 64.1%) of the innings pitched for the entire team. If a quality start is defined as a game score of 50 then only Cook and Jimenez averaged a quality start during the season. Cook's 81 game score was the highest for the team (2007, high game score was 77). Hernandez had the distinction of having the lowest game score of 5 (beating out Fogg's game score of 4 last year)!

In addition to the the above stats, I also looked at some other wacky stuff. One question I have always had was what would be a starter's record if he won (or loss) those games because of relievers (or was bailed out by the offensive or relievers and got the no decision)? Also which pitcher actually pitches with the lead?

So in normal speak the Roxs starters were 54 - 62 with 46 no decisions (versus 55 - 47 and 61 no decisions in 2007). In my revised look the starters were 76 - 74 with 12 ties (versus 84 - 60 with 19 ties in 2007). Cook would have won 18 games. Once again Jimenez was the unluckiest as he left 16 games winning and the bullpen could hang on only 12 times. As I mentioned last year I don't think this revisionist look at pitching stats mean anything because over a pitcher's career my guess all the blown saves or offensive help probably average out. To me the bottom line is what does the team do when a certain Starter is on the mound. When Cookie step to the rubber the Rox won 19 times accounting for 25.7% of the total team wins.

If the above study looked at the underbelly of starting pitching (who has luck, no luck, or just happens to pitch that day the offensive was asleep) this next look is what does the Starter do for themselves (i.e. keeps the team in the game by keeping the lead or keeping the game tied). Of the starters, Jimenez pitched with the lead 70% of the time and Cook pitched with the lead 67% of the time. The team overall pitched 62% of the time with the lead or tied (versus 67% in 2007). Finally what did the starters throw to during the season.

Well as you guessed it Cook led the team in Groundballs and Jimenez and de la Rosa had lots of strikeouts. Interesting to see that Jimenez and Cook have very few flyballs which probably leads to their success.

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