Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Todd Helton - 2,000 Hits

Todd is the Rox Star.  I think if we had a Mount Rushmore of Roxs he would be up there with Dante Bichette, Andres Galarraga, and Larry Walker (?).  The 256 major league player to accomplish the feat and one of the few to get all his hits with one team.  First hit came on August 2, 1997 in the 4th inning against Pittsburgh Pirates Francisco Cordova at Three River's Stadium. Batting fifth between Galarraga and Castilla and playing Left Field!  His second hit was more memorable as it was a Home Run.  I believe he got his 1,000 hit against the Cubs on April 25, 2003 (career game 844).  His 2,000 hit came in game 1,696.  Even with the injuries he has kept on pace with an average of 1.2 hits per game.

I don't think 3,000 hits will be possible.  At age 35 he might have another 3 years at first base. He could become a Paul Molitor type and finish his days as a DH but probably only has 2 years of that.  So assume 5 more years with 130 games a year and he might get 500 - 700 more hits? Close but no cigar.  I think the most impressive stat is the fact that after 13 years his OPS is 1.000.  If he can keep that, it will be a remarkable career.  I believe only Manny is the other active player with an OPS greater than 1.000.  

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