Monday, September 7, 2009

Rox Talk - Week 22

The Week That Was
A 5-1 week against the Mets and D-Backs. The Roxs currently stand at 77-60. Three and half games back from division leading Los Angeles in second place and two games ahead in the Wild Card Hunt. Currently 41-27 at home and 36-33 on the road, the Roxs have outscored its opponents 692-605 (expected wins is 77 versus historical wins at 64). On pace for 91 wins with 818 runs scored and 715 runs against.

Back to the winning ways. Rox continue to win the games they should. It was nice to sweep the D-back for the first time in 5 years. Have to admit it is nice to see the Rox jump ahead of the D-bags. When we met in the NLCS I thought it was going to be a long term duel of two young teams. Last year Rox fall apart and this year the D-backs seem to be going the other way. Maybe next year will be the fight?

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