Thursday, October 8, 2009

Game 2 NLDS Thoughts

1) Okay maybe you do go with the hot hand in Yorvit...probably why I am not a manager!

2) Boy is CarGo swinging a hot playoff bat! Another 3 hits today!

3) Can we time warp the sixth inning? Two days in a row the sixth is our starter's downfall.

4) Is Cook the greatest Rox of them all?

5) Little bothersome that we get one stinking run in back back bases loaded innings

6) How many pitchers is Tracy going to use? Situational pitching in the playoffs is starting to go a bit overboard.

7) Rox extend series to Game 4 at home...I imagine the Rox would rather not make the trip back to Philly on Sunday night

8) How much snow are we going to get on Saturday it good or bad that Hammel was born in Greenville, SC

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