Monday, January 25, 2010

Rox Talk - Runs Scored per Inning

Back in March 2009 I posted an article on runs scored per inning. In the post I simply graphed total runs scored per inning. In this post I have updated it to include 2009 and compared the 2009 season historically. While updating the data I realized that although plotting total runs score was OK it wasn't totally accurate because the 9th inning isn't equal. So this time around I simply divided the runs score by the total number of innings. This provided a rate of scoring which I then plotted. See below.

The solid line is scoring rate at home and the dotted line is the rate on the road. Amazing that the Rox score almost twice has many runs at home in the first inning as they do away from home. As noted in the earlier post there is a definite dip in scoring in the second inning. My only guess is that generally the second inning is usually the bottom of the line up and just isn't a productive inning. You see another uptick in the 4th and the 7th/8th. Interesting to see the road rate is flatter. There is a definite home field advantage. Next up I plotted the Home versus Away ratio. The purple line are the Rox and the black line is the opposition. If there wasn't a home advantage both of these lines should be around one but as you can see the Rox have traditionally played better at home. The individual dots show the ratio from the 2009 season. The Rox were monsters at home in the third inning and pretty ho hum in the later innings.

I love graphs! Baseball graphs especially.

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jkloster said...

Great post. I wonder if other teams have similar ebbs and flows? Or if this is specific to the Rockies and/or Coors Field?

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