Sunday, November 1, 2009

World Series - Game 4

As soon as Damon got a second life (swinging third strike in the dirt, guess he got a piece of it), I knew the Yanks were going to win. You just don't get to give second chances to the team of improbability without getting thumped. Then you go and let Damon steal with a shifted infield (way would you do this with the winning run on?)and then gets to jog on to an empty base (and what were you doing Lidge or Ruiz). Don't you think the catcher, pitcher, or even left fielder have a clue that if you are shifted that someone needs to cover third? I don't think it was that big of an impossibility that Damon was going to try and steal (again hand it to Yanks, they are forcing the issue). Poor Lidge, once again he will be the goat. Just makes Mariano look all that more impressive...unbelievable how he comes in and just shuts the door. Ice in the veins for sure.

Broadcast often does a no out walk end up scoring, anyone?

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