Wednesday, November 4, 2009

World Series - Game 6

2009 in the books. Phils tried but just couldn't overcome a 3 - 1 deficit. I thought tonight they might sneak one with a Pettitte on the mound and on 3 days rest. Pedro couldn't tame the demons and A-Fraud finally gets a ring. There are some decent guys on the team...Jeter, Mariano, and Matsui...and I am glad for them. Some of the high dollar free agents...well glad you bought one.

Here is to our Rox connection in Girardi...he deserves some credit. He did a great job with tremendous pressure. Three man rotation got it done. Kind of showed how the Phillies really had a severe weakness on the mound. Too bad they couldn't clone Lee. Still think the Rox were a better team...ha!

Godzilla chomps Philadelphia and wins the MVP...nice series Matsui.

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