Monday, February 15, 2010

Rox Talk - Links

Just a few links...gearing up for Thursday when the 2010 campaign formally begins with Pitchers and Catchers reporting...Yeah!

The Baseball Oracle speaks...
Always nice to get some love from Gammons. Now if only the Rox could live up to the hype for once...

OK so we kept Hawpe for insurance reasons...but wouldn't our outfield look pretty grand with Smith, CarGo, and Fowler patrolling?

This one goes back into the memory banks but to refresh a bit it was a 7 - 6 victory over the Braves at Coors with the Rox using 10 pitchers in 12 innings. Mayne faced a couple of Hall of Famers in Glavine (well as a PH), Weiss (an old Rox), Furcal, A. Jones, and got C. Jones to ground out to end the inning!

The 39th Batter? It would seem that if a team pitchers can face less than 38 batters they have a 70% chance of winning...The Rox pitched to more than 38 batters 66 times in 2009. They were 27 - 39 so for 38 or less they were 65 - 31 (68%)...there you have it

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