Monday, February 22, 2010

Rox Talk - Runs Score Part II

Two weeks ago I showed that OBP and runs score seemed to have the best correlation. In addition it seemed that preventing runs might be more important (?, debatable). Well what about looking at just the playoff teams. Taking the 80 playoff team's season totals and graphing them gives the graph below.
Data would suggest that to make the playoffs an average of 94 wins will get you there with a standard deviation of 5. Playoff teams score about 823 (SD 70) runs to 709 (SD 59) runs allowed with a ratio of runs score to runs allowed of 1.16. While the graph seems to me that the runs allow is a tighter data set the hi/lo for runs allowed is 565 - 839 (274 run spread) and the hi/lo for runs score is 839 - 565 (294 run spread).

Either way you look at it you have to score to win eventually!

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