Monday, April 19, 2010

Game 13 Thoughts

1) Cook looks awful...hope he finds his sinker quick! Cook historically is 8 - 9 in April with an ERA of 4.58. He is 0.619 in May, 0.458 in June, 0.727 in July, 0.444 in August, and 0.583 in Sept. Call him Mr. Sine Wave

2) Really Stammen gives up 7 runs to the Philly's last game and we manage only 2 runs in 8 him Cy Young

3) At least the Bullpen looked good.

4) This happened last year I recall...inconsistency in all facets of the game. One night good pitching with no run support, the next run support with awful pitching...ughh this must drive managers crazy

5) As of Game 13 the Nats have a better record then the Rox at 7 -6...

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