Monday, January 10, 2011

Rox Talk - Just the Links Ma'am

Hall of Fame Vote
Congrats to the newly elected players and to Larry Walker who received 20.3% of the vote. Due to total, he will remain on the ballot for 15 years. Unfortunately based on this chart and article, it is a long shot for him to make it. Although in the article it would suggest based on the players coming up it is unlikely Walker will be able to get the required votes. I might disagree with this assumption because a lot of the up and coming players are seemingly tied to steroid use and thus it might work in Walker's favor? Hard to say but next year Vinny gets on the ballot...Blake Street Bomber reunion...too bad the Big Cat got knocked off last year.
Link Dump
Some 2010 in review...
The two headed monster that was the Rox
Early Rox 2011 prediction...82-87 wins...a fringe contender
At least they made the most of their one at bat!
Rox never were in the race but they made it interesting...

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