Monday, December 12, 2011

Rox Talk - Hot Stove Update III

Hard to believe we are midway through December.  MLB rosters start to take shape as the Big Chips start to fall setting the market for the lower level Free Agents.  Over the last few weeks the Rox have filled some gaps. Gone from the 2009 playoff team are Iannetta (to Angels), Stewart (to Cubs), and Street (to San Diego).  Additions are Tyler Colvin (from Cubs), Kevin Slowey (from Twins), and some players to be named later.  According to Cot's Contracts, Rox have about $52 million in obligations for 2012.  They had an opening payroll of $82 million last year so Rox have some money to play with but I don't think there is a whole lot out there.  Talk is about going after Cuddyer but realistically at this point looking to 2012, I don't think this team is playoff contender.  Not to be negative but this team, with the hope that young players develop, could be pretty awesome in 2013.  With a big three rotation of de la Rosa, Pomeranz, and Chacin, an upcoming 3B in Arenado, a catcher in Rosario, with Tulo and CarGo backing up some youngsters (?).  

Hard to swallow that 2012 might be a "rebuilding" year but looking towards the 2013 free agent class there really isn't a bankable outfielder so maybe Cuddyer is a good bet.  Going to take a bunch of cash to persuade him to leave Minnesota.  If we can't pry Cuddyer away, I am happy with Smith.  He has done whatever the Rox have asked him to do and if Tracy would just let him bat against some lefties, who knows maybe he might be more than just a platoon type player.

Some random thoughts:

1)  Will it be a curse sending Street to San Diego?  Or has the players in field seen enough of his stuff that they will go after him?  At least I don't have to cringe anymore...

2)  Where did Florida errr I mean Miami suddenly come up with the cash to even think about prying Pujols away?  I realize you get a new ballpark but that is crazy money

3)  Hard to believe Angels came up with a 10 year deal for is that going to look in 2022?

4)  Best of luck to Jerry DiPoto...I would say he went all in with landing Pujols and Wilson (and Iannetta), now better pray you make the playoffs with that kind of coin...

5)  I think the real steal will be whoever lands Fielder...that is a 10 year deal worth it.

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