Monday, January 2, 2012

Rox Talk - 2012

With the flip of the calendar we move on from 2011 and turn our sights to 2012.  April 6 in Houston is only 93 days away.  60 days away from opening of Spring Training games.  Not much time for O'Dowd to work his magic and try to find a second and third basemen.  Hard to believe that this late we are still looking for infielders especially a second baseman.  Third I can understand as we are simply looking for a place holder but realistically since Matsui, we haven't had a day to day position player at second.  

Below are my scatter thoughts for 2012 in no particular order:
1)  Which Fowler will show up for the entire season?
2)  Will we have good Helton or bad Helton?
3)  Can the Tulo/CarGo dynamic duo hit on all cylinders this year?
4)  Will Cuddyer be worth the money?
5)  Who will step up from the youth movement (GenR^2)?
6)  Chacin be a number one?
7)  Betancourt continues his dominant end of the year performance in 2011?
8)  Will the lack of a second and third basemen hurt our chances this year?
9)  Will Nicasio be back?
10) Will De la Rosa be a force or tentative in his return?
11) Can Rox stay in the hunt until de la Rosa returns?
12) Have we see the last of Smith and EY Jr?
13) How will White and Pomeranz hold up in the Sophomore campaigns?
14) Can Tracy find the right buttons to push?
15) Can we be competitive in the NL West?
16) Everyone has a chance, can Rox play with expectations finally?
17) Can Rox return to dominance at home?
18) Will Giambi show his age or keep going long?
19) Who and what will be the X-Factor this year?

Happy New Year...Go Rox!

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