Monday, February 20, 2012

2012 BedRox Predictions

With the 2012 season in full swing (OK just some swings), I am going to throw out some BedRox Predictions for the 2012 and while some might be less predicative, some are personal hopes for the upcoming season.

10)  This one is easy...Rox will score the most runs in the National League this year.  The baseball talking heads will call it the return of Nintendo Ball and dismiss the humidor.  Stats will simply say the offensive prowness has returned to pre-steroid days and that Coors is just a good place to hit.

9)  The Tulo/Scutaro combo will be the best double play tandem in MLB.

8)  Buoyed by early season run support the Rox young pitchers will gain some confidence and pitch satisfactory throughout the year keeping the team in Wild Card contention.

7)  Nicasio, our number 3 starter, will lead the team in wins through the All Star break (Chacin and Gutherie will pitch well but our offense will struggle with team's better pitchers and tee off on the lower half of opposing team's staffs).

6)  Casey Blake will be a liability at the plate from Day One.  He will play a decent third base but will find himself released by May.

5)  Helton won't play in more than 100 games this year but will collect 100 hits.

4)  Betancourt will struggle at some point during the season and Brothers will save at least 10 games this year.

3)  Pomenranz will garner some rookie of the year consideration as he will win 10 games.

2)  Tulo will finish in the Top 3 for MVP considerations.  He will lead the league with 40 homers and 125 RBIs.  He will finish with the Top WAR in the National League

1)  Rox will sneak into the playoffs with 85 wins.

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