Friday, February 3, 2012

Fun with Rox - 2012 Anagrams

Kudos to High Heat Stats for the idea...

C - Ah Zen, No Nerd Arm
1B - Told Do Then (or Doh Old Ten)
2B - Our Mascot Car (or Ram Taco Scour)
3B - Balk Sac Eye
SS - I Riot Klutzy Two
LF - A Razz Cello Song (All Go Zone Czars)
CF - Red Reflex Two
RF - Richly Mad Deuce

SP - A Clinch Uh Joys
SP - Manhole Jams
SP - We Drop Arm Zen
SP - In Ouija Scan
SP - Real Jar Does Go

CL - A Brutal Neat Force

Manager - Jam Cry It

And so there you have it and thanks to wordsmith for the help...

Alien All Swim

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