Monday, April 1, 2013

Box Score Bytes - Game 1

- Todd Helton started his 16th straight opening day.  Will be strange when he probably won't be there next year...

- Saw this quote from Weiss, ''This is a job that I'm going to have to figure out on the fly.''  Umm that really doesn't give me a whole lot of warm fuzzes...

- Rox were 193-168 when both CarGo and Tulo play.  After today 193-169

- CarGo launched his 100th homer.

- Rox are now 11-10 in openers and 7-7 on the road.

- Well if anything we can consider a nice start by Chacin.  Rox scored some runs but did leave 7 RISP.

- Always find it interesting how the big free agent deal over the winner, and the Rox really only had one, and they are one of the reasons for the team's loss.  Lopez didn't provide that middle shut down relief today.

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