Monday, March 28, 2011

Rox Talk - Player X

The "X"-Factor
In this past weekend's NY Times Keeping Score, there was an article on the intangibles.  It is well known that stat heads claim there is no "X"-Factor.  But everyone has tales that Player X took that extra base, worked the count, stole a base, framed a pitch, or just had that "umpf" - that presence that leads a team to victory.  Data below shows last year's team record when Player "X" starts.  Throw out those rare starts and I was a bit surprised to see Smith and Fowler at the top. 

For the Rox to succeed in 2011, the intangibles need to work.  Players like Smith, Iannetta, Fowler, and Stewart are going to have to do the little things.  If the Rox think they can only win with "Os" it is going to be a long year. 

So let's us have a great fun Summer!  Go Rox

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