Saturday, April 2, 2011

Box Score Bytes - Game 1

1.  First off who was the high and low point for Colorado yesterday?

Mt Elbert (highest point in Colorado):  Jose Lopez (0.128 WPA) and Huston Street (0.146)
Arikaree River (lowest point in Colorado):  Tulo (-0.325) and U-Ball (-0.372)

2.  Only the 7th time in Rox history to actually open the new season at home (94, 95, 01, 05, 06, 07, and 11).  Rox are now 4-3 in these games.

3.  Rox played in their 204th extra inning game and have a record of 99 - 105.  45 - 67 all time at home!  7 - 12 against the D-Backs...

4.  D-Backs manager, Kirk Gibson and former Dodger, continues to make Rox suffer at the hands of anything related to LA.  Rox lose fourth straight to D-Backs going back to last year.

5.  So much for Spring Training and attention to details...Rox lose another one run game after going 28 - 30 last year...of course over the long haul Rox are 384 - 385 all time in one run games.

6.  Rox ball started out well yesterday with Fowler getting a walk, moving to second on a wild pitch, and then scoring on a double by Smith but then as the game progressed old habits creeped in.  Eleven strikeouts for the day.  Inability to get the key hit showed up again in 4th (Iannetta on third with one out, no runs) and 5th (CarGo on second with no outs, no runs).  Team started pressing at the end of the game looking for that walk off homer rather than manufacturing a run...

7.  Base running gaffs galore...Rogers (running as a pinch runner? where is EY Jr?) getting thrown out at second with a groundball to short when trying to advance to third.  And maybe Smith not trying to score from first on a line drive single to deep Center in the 8th.

8.  Did the umpires steal a game from the Rox?  Fan interference in the 5th creating the second out in the inning with CarGo on second...and a miss call on a catch by Smith...probably not

9.  And from the uh oh file...should we be concerned that U-Ball only averaged 93 on his fastball yesterday?  Reports indicated he didn't have his normal "bite"

10.  Tracy's Epic Fail for the Day:  Putting Rogers in has a pinch runner...

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