Thursday, April 14, 2011

Box Score Bytes - Game 11 and 12

1.  Speechless

2.  In awe....

3.  In my wildest dreams I kept my fingers crossed for a .500 April (which obviously still could occur) but to start the season 10-2?  Wow

4.  @BattingStanceG tweet would suggest in the last 155 at bats Tulo has 22 homers...Ruthesque

5.  MVP of the "team" so far as to be Herrera...because of him things are happening on the base paths...allowing Tulo to be Superman.

6.  Oh and by the way...Herrera hit a home run (2nd career).  Shows you how well the cyclinders are firing right now

7.  Not to be a downer but how will Street respond?  Granted he was 30 pitches into it but does he bounce back?

8.  Thank you Lindstrom...heck of freaking earned your paycheck today.

9.  Curious how the team will respond back at home...too bad there ain't an off day.

10.  Starters have yet to lose a game this year....

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