Sunday, April 10, 2011

Box Score Bytes - Game 7

1.  Greg Reynolds had a nice respectable first game after not pitching in the bigs since 2008.  Amazing to think that the Rox are in this position with their top two arms having finger problems and our starters 5A and 5B are providing quality innings...of course we are playing the Pirates...

2.  How often is Tracy going to go with Reynolds and then Reynolds? 

3.  Matt Linstrom looks about as sure of a bet as Street.  No Save is going to be easy this year...

4.  Thankfully Wiggington had a hit which plated 3 Rox and Lansford can smile privately that someone got the message

5.  Game 7 and we have our first Hit By Pitch...
6.  2nd game Helton missed due to back tightness...hate to say it but the team isn't missing too much...I like Herrera in the two spot.  When Helton is in the lineup, where would Herrera play?  Team has depth but can Tracy effectively manage and ensure player's get their swings?

7.  Iannetta finally gets a day off...mystery man Morales gets you couldn't ID him in a lineup?

8.  Rox pinch hitters have been awful so far this year...1/13 with 4 strikeouts...Spilly and Stewart aren't feeling it...Stewart doesn't have a hit by the way!

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