Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Box Score Bytes - Game 4

Game 4 Rox Win 7-5

Elberts: Morales (0.112) and Tulo (0.215)
Arikarees: Hammel (-0.111) and Fowler (-0.128)

1. Hammel's new release didn't seem to get worked out during Spring. A work in progress but a win is a win, although I would have given the win to Morales, who by the way did find his location in the Spring.

2. Street? - No comment, I will be amazed if he is closing for the Rox come September...

3. Boo Yeah, Mr he had a nice smirk cleaning the bases of Young'uns like CarGo and Tulo. Love his follow through on home runs and how he whips that bat. Most memorable Helton homer? Had to be that one against LA that started the win streak (if memory serves me...).

4.  Rox have nine doubles this season...pretty good for a team with only 4 games under its belt.

5.  Did someone put us in Bizarro of today Baltimore, KC, and Mets lead their respective divisions...doh

6.  Can we award this year's Gold Glove to Tulo and CarGo?  Man they have played some serious D this year.  CarGo's catch in the 9th saved that game...

7.  Seven more K's, can we get some contact please especially with an 8 game road trip up ahead...

8.  Tracy finishes off his former team.  He is now 12-17 against the Dodgers and next stop is Pittsburgh where he is  8-5 against that former team.  Four game sweep this weekend against Hurdle or does Hurdle's revenge take place?

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