Saturday, April 23, 2011

Box Score Bytes - Game 19

1)  Thank you Dex for getting a base hit!  Did not want to be front and center on sportscenter last night!

2)  Last night marked the 17th time in Rox history that they only managed one hit (they have been no hitted twice).  Kind of frightening to think Rox were that close to be no hitted that many times.  Scary thing is while Rox have one no hitter by their pitchers they also only have one one hitter (Jun 6, 2006 thrown at home against Oakland, Jennings, Martin, Fuentes).

3)  Not much else to reveal from last nights matchup.  I did think that Chacin had trouble controlling his pitches due to the air.  His breaking stuff was all over the place...I bet that effects are hitters as well.  Movement must be tough to catch up to...

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