Sunday, April 10, 2011

Box Score Byte - Game 8

1.  Love it when your team jumps out to an early lead...not so much when the opposition comes back two inning later to tie it. 

2.  Your byte of the day (data collected from 2006 - 2010):  When leading after the first inning, Rox winning percentage is 0.704, when tied 0.515, and behind 0.312...

3.  Hate to say it but again this team might be better without Helton in the lineup...Herrera batting in the two hole is he had a hit, three walks. and scored twice (winning run my friend!)

4.  Road isn't treating Iannetta very well...hasn't adapted to the road at all

5.  Stewart still hitless...don't know what Rox are going to do with him...can an early season trade be not too far away?  I said here first but Stewart isn't a Rox next year...

6.  Chacin struggle today with command but still got the win...some wins aren't very pretty but you keep your team in the ballgame and hope the cards fall right later in the game

7.  An easy day for Street...3 up, 3 down...maybe the 3 inning affair the other night helped?

8.  Tracy learns from his mistakes...he kept Giambi in later in the game instead of pulling him early.

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