Saturday, April 30, 2011

Box Score Bytes - Game 25

1)  Winning formula:  Starter goes 7 inning, followed by Betancourt, followed by Street

2)  Will it ever get warm again?  Boy this April has been miserable for Colorado fans.  Rox must be anxious to get to Arizona later this week...

3)  Todd back in the three hole...I think this is a great move for CarGo.  Hard to believe, but the line up with Helton batting here might actually be the best one Tracy has thrown out there this year.

4)  Rox being a bit more aggressive today has they only had 3 strikeouts.

5)  Has anyone noticed but it seems that the Pirates are perfectly aligned in the field especially up the middle.  There were a huge number of times where I thought it was a hit and yet there was a Pirate.  Either the advance scouts are scary good or maybe Hurdle after years of watching this line up knows a thing or two?

6)  Good to see Hammel finding his way.  Teams with a solid 4th starter have got to be better for it...I just like his approach

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