Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Box Score Bytes - Game 3

1.  Fast game, amazing what effective pitchers can do to opposing big  leaguers.

2.  Another game, another lineup.  Tracy sure likes to maneuver, moving Lopez up to 5th spot and dropping Helton to 6th.

3. Tulo's first hit was a big one - 432 feet deep into the left center seats.  Of course it must have been because of the song change...Katy Perry, be gone!

4.  Fowler finally batted right handed tonight, another nice double down the first base line.

5.  Spilly was Special K tonight...looked lost at the plate...three strikeouts (and additional five more for the team).

6.  Thankfully Lopez had a nice base hit with two outs in the 6th to bring home Fowler who was on third - after being on second with no outs - I think situational hitting was important this Spring (?).  CarGo did hit to first to move Fowler over but Spilly K'd...

7.  The days of Helton getting extra bases is about over...he was nailed down at second after a wall hitting blast...although the left fielder made a nice play

8.  Another nice night for Iannetta.

9.  Chacin pitched extremely well, allowing baserunners but getting out of innings.  Betancourt was on fire, striking out two, and hey Street had a "good" save tonight (I still left early, can't watch it!).

10.  Tracy's good move of the day:  Double switch in the 7th by pinch hitting Stewart for Chacin, then putting pitcher's spot in the 7th hole and taking out Wiggington.  It set up well in case Rox had to bat in the ninth...Giambi anyone?  Pretty good move...

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