Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Box Score Bytes - Game 23

1)  Good team? Yikes this team is almost 10 games above .500 and yet our offensive is still limping along.

2)  Two homers from the Toddfather. First multihomer game since 2007.

3)  Rox continue to be aggressive on the basepaths...two stolen bases by Iannetta and Wiggington. 18 for 24 so far this year. In 2010 through 23 games they were 15 for 23 and 2009 they were 21 for 27 (OK maybe not that aggressive, maybe selective?)

4)  No comment on Heartburn Huston...

5)  Dex has scored in 14 of the 23 games he has played.  On  the flip side he has struck out in 18 of those games...

6)  Spilly?  Anyone at home?

7)  Iannetta has 14 walks in 16 games and only 8 hits with two homers...I like Troy Renck's take on twitter today and when runners are on and the pitcher is up next we need hits not walks...

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