Saturday, April 23, 2011

Box Score Bytes - Game 20

1)  A rare win in Florida...while overall the Rox are now 76-77 all time against our expansion brothers we are 29-48 in Miami. 

2)  Another tough night for CarGo...I really wish the papers and radio would stop making excuses for him...bottom line is pitchers are taking a new approach to him and he either needs to make adjustments or sit on the bench and think about it.  This is a big boy need to perform

3)  Hammel played with fire tonight but pitched when he needed to and get the win.  Hopefully he learns from tonight.  Rox are a better team when he is keeping the Rox in play.

4)  Another pinch hit strikeout from Spilly...are bench has been awful this year...pinch hit line so far:
29 plate appearances with two hits and seven K's with a 0.077 batting average...impressive

5)  Small ball Rox wins this year they have 11 sacrifice hits/flies and in losses 6. 

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