Thursday, April 7, 2011

Box Score Bytes - Game 5

1.  Rogers was an animal today.  Before today start he had nine career starts with an average game score of 41.  Today he threw a 72.  Maybe he has some Pennsylvania blood because another of his wins last year was in Pittsburgh!

2.  You can't stop Tulo, you can only hope to contain him!  When CarGo and Tulo are hitting be afraid...see data below:

3.  No love for Hurdle...of course on the flip side there was no love for Tracy when he managed the Pirates so there...

4.  Hmm let's see Rox win 7-1 on the road with only 3 strikeouts...him see a theme here?

5.  Finally if only the Rox could travel back in time and play at Forbes Field...

At you can, sort of

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