Sunday, April 3, 2011

Box Score Bytes - Game 2

Mt Elbert:  Fowler (0.143) and de la Rosa (0.298)
Arikaree River:  Tulo (-0.156)

1.  Hard to believe that into the second game of the year pitchers were pitching around CarGo to get to Tulo.  From my second deck perch Tulo is getting pounded down and inside.  Adjustments will have to be made...

2.  Closers - Players You Hate!  By the way, I like Huston.  He is a gutsy closer but I will be honest with you.  At the start of the ninth tonight I left because I can't stand watching him pitch.  In case you are wondering Huston has pitched in 110 games for the Rox and has 56 saves.  He pitches about every two days usually going about an inning.  Tends to give up a hit an appearance but also strikes out a batter.  He tends to face an average of 4 batters and throws about 15 pitches with 10 of them for strikes.  As much as we moan he has only 5 blown saves.

3.  Maybe baseball is all about pitching an defense.  I had four "!" on plays made by Stewart, Tulo, Smith, and CarGo (or call him superman for his flying spread out catch)

4.  Team needs to work on bunting.  Second game in a row that Rox couldn't lay down a bunt to get a player into scoring position, thankfully this time around Fowler smashed a double and scored Iannetta from first.

5.  6 more K's to add to the season, on pace for fro 1,377 or almost 100 more than last year...come on Coach Lansford.

6.  Pardon the scorecard but I was teaching my 8 year old how to score but wow what a series of defensive plays!

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