Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Box Score Bytes - Game 18

1)  Rox finally win one against our nemesis the Giants...after allowing another first inning run, I was a bit concerned that we were going to be swept away today.

2)  Team finally loosened up and attacked at the plate...something that was missing in the first two games.

3)  13 hit day (with 12 strikeouts as well, led by Dex with a whooping 4 whiffs...)

4)  Giants had no answer against the Lefty today...7 innings pitched and 6 strikeouts...nice day for de la Rosa who is now 3-0 for the season.

5)  Betancourt and Street each had two K's each in their innings of work.  Street only threw 13

6)  Nice three hit day from Tulo who is batting 0.343.

7)  Wiggington finally gets some action sending one deep for his first Rox homer and his 1,000 career hit.

8)  Come on CarGo, lighten up a bit, you are holding the bat too tightly...I'll blame it on the was a miserable 3 game set with overcast skies and a cold nasty win...Miami will seem downright balmy this weekend!

9)  How much does is batting average a useless stat?  Rox are 16th overall in the league but are 4th in runs scored...

10) Realize Dex is 4th on the team with 9 RBIs but also leads the team in strikeouts

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