Friday, July 1, 2011

Box Score Bytes - Game 81

Rox are at the half way point.  How does it stack up?  Graphs below shows runs scored or allowed last year, versus preseason, versus first quarter, and now half way point.

Guess the first thing that jumps out his the fact that of the 13 players coming out spring training only 9 remain.  Nelson, Blackmon, EY Jr, Pagnozzi have all moved in and well since today Nelson has been sent back down and Mark Ellis has joined the team.  Team is still struggling to find Stewart and Lopez's missing runs which amounted to about 130 runs.  On the bright side both Helton, Smith, and Iannetta have all been quietly putting together great seasons.  CarGo and Tulo have been meh and Giambi has been a nice surprise.  Right now Rox are on pace to score about 40 runs less than what the preseason projected.

While pitching has been keeping us in the mix the starters have struggled with giving up runs.  Three of the starters have given more runs then expected.  Cook has struggled in his first few starts and of course de la Rosa is on the shelf.  Nicasio is in, while the bullpen has shelved Daley and released Paulino. 

Interesting thing I guess is although we think the pitching as been our savior they are allowing a lot more runs then what was projected +51 while the offense is down -42.  All in all that is why we are sitting 2 game under 0.500 :(

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