Friday, August 5, 2011

Box Score Bytes - Game 112

This morning on the Colin Coward radio show he had a nifty piece on three words to describe every NFL team, so here goes my take on the MLB

Rox - Simply unrealistic expectations
Giants - Pitching just wins
Dodgers - Need new owner
D-Backs - Managers do count
Padres - Rebuilding once again

Cubs - Not this year
Pirates - Not football yet
Cardinals - Win with injuries
Reds - Remember last year?
Brewers - Not road warriors
Houston - Just like NASA

Phillies - Wow they're good
Braves - Love our pitchers
Nats - Maybe next year
Marlins - Waiting new stadium
Mets - Ponzi schemes suck

Red Sox - Built to win
Yankees - Just all stars
Rays - We are underachievers
Blue Jays - Hate AL East
Orioles - Love basement living

Tigers - Someone will win
Indians - Look at us
White Sox - Kind of boring
Twins - An off year
Royals - Look at Pirates...

Rangers - Rough and tough
A's - Moneyball ain't working
Angels - Smoke and mirrors
Mariners - Weak ass lineup

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