Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Box Score Bytes - Game 130

1) Back and forth battle this evening...some questionable plate umpiring, questionable out/safe calls, some good/bad defense, and some great old time Coors Field home runs. A little bit of everything!

2) First off we had the Waxahachie Swap which I totally missed and apparently the Denver Post can't annotate very well.  Wright pitched 1/3 inning not 2/3 has shown but I'm guessing the newspaper editor (?) or program they use won't allow a same name pitcher to pitch twice in one inning with a pitcher in between?

Probably one of the more rare things to see at a baseball game...wow

3) On the night our ticket stubs have Ubaldo pitching, his heir apparent (at least trade wise) made his debut.  No decision and he fought valiantly but his ERA after 3 innings was 9.00 (just saying)

4)  Rox are third in the league with 382 extra base hits

5)  Belisle was 7-4 going into the game then picked up his 8th win.  He is second on the team behind Chacin's 10

6)  Brothers got his first save

7)  Smith in Left Field and CarGo in Right? Paid off in the seventh with a fabulous diving catch to probably save the game for Rox

8)  Talking CarGo has of last night he had 22 HR and 22 doubles

9)  Old man Helton has 120 hits...gee only 2-3 years of that and he might sniff 3,000 hits

10) Smith hit a long home run...478 feet...hitting the facade of right field upper deck over the bullpen...longest one I have ever seen in Coors...monster!

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