Saturday, August 20, 2011

Box Score Bytes - Game 127

Just a note but you observe a whole lot more when sitting at a ball game...:)

1) Dex has 12 triples!

2) EY Jr trying to be like Dad today...3 stolen bases...half way to his Dad's record of 6 (see this game)

3) Tulo's numbers sure look good 0.307 25 85 and CarGo not bad either at 0.288 20 72 (missed about 20 games)

4) Helton's B-Day and he hits a about that! Also did it in'98, '00, '02, '04.

5) Dodgers pitcher Lilly is kind of tiny out there on the mound but he is 6'1"!

6) Rogers is 6-2 but has a 6.00 ERA?

7) Two Juniors leading off for each team...both sons of former greats

8) $5 beers? Ugh do you realize that is $30 six

9) Two errors (one by Tulo and one by Helton) and yet scorer gives the Dodgers two singles

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