Thursday, August 2, 2012

Box Score Bytes - Game 102

- Game 37 of the Great Tracy Experiment: Record 12-25.  Pomeranz goes 4 innings and throws 72 pitches.  Fortunately he does not get his 7th loss but the bullpen has given up a bunch of runs (12 runs in the last two nights in fact) and you have to wonder if the other shoe is going to drop.  Thirty-seven straight games of the four man rotation has added up to a lot of extra innings for the bullpen (starter's 169 innings vs relief 156.2).  Theoretically if our starter's averaged 6 innings then the relief corp would have only mopped up on about 100 innings.  Hard to say if an extra 5 or 6 outs per game takes a toll.  Starter's record is now 5-19 with 13 no decisions and bullpen record of 7-6. 

- Excitement was palpable yesterday before the Rox press conference.  For those of us looking forward to the day with a new GM we will just have to wait a bit longer.  In what continues to be a source of frustration, the management continues to misunderstand the concept of what it means to fire someone.  I applaud the notion of loyalty and all that but baseball is not a mom and pop business.  Loyalty in this business is for fools.  Players (and management included) need to be evaluated on a day to day business.  Playing favorites and staying loyal only lead to old players who end up in the scrap heap with nothing to show in return.  If we were the Yankees we could afford to keep and pay everyone regardless of production on the field.  Unfortunately we don't play in New York.  I applaud the efforts of the Denver Post for trying to prod the team into making those required hard decision.  Rox in their paranoid delusional world even kept this news from the two people that follow and report on the team (Renck and Saunders) and gave the scoop to a Broncos reporter!  This lack of accountability and circle jerk between Monforts, O'Dud, and Tracy just goes to show you that at least in the immediate future this team is going no where.  As shareholders of this team, we deserve more.  Monfort says he takes full responsibility for the mess we are in and that the right people are there and that they just aren't in their right positions.  To be honest Dick, the one person not in the right position is you, go back to your meat packing business, and leave baseball to people who care and desire to win, not steal the money from your patrons...

- CarGo goes hitless and was one shy of tying the record for consecutive hits at home.  Larry Walker retains the record with 32 home games with at least one hit.

- An interesting study would be how traded super stars tend to do against their original teams.  Holliday has been on an absolute tear against Rox.  Two more homers last night.  

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