Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Box Score Bytes - Game 122

- Game 57 of the Great Tracy Experiment (Train Wreck): Record 24-33.   Francis pitches an honest days work as always.  His 15th start of the year for Rox and Rox are now 10-5 in his starts.  He goes 5 innings gives up 5 hits and 1 run and leaves with 82 pitches.  Starter's record is now 9-25 with 23 no decisions and bullpen record of 15-8. 

- It is once again unfortunate that 1) Rox stink and 2) Rox are stuck in TV no man's land because Rosario is having a series run at Rookie of the Year.  He goes deep for his 20th homer tonight.  While his defense has been shaky he certainly garners more attention than he probably will get which is a shame.  Of course Todd Helton missed out on RoY considerations so it doesn't mean everything!

- Rox get their seventh straight victory at Citi Field.  They swept 4 games there last year as well.  They are also winners of 8 of the last 11 games.

- According to research notes the Astros, Indians, Mets, Blue Jays, and Cubs have the worse record since the All Star Break.  Rox are 16-21.  If Rox can finish strong I think that will be huge going into next year!

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