Monday, August 20, 2012

Box Score Bytes - Game 120

- Game 55 of the Great Tracy Experiment (Train Wreck): Record 22-33.     White struggles but controls his wildness and gets through 4 innings.  Goes a bit deeper as five starters are on the roster and throws 83 pitches.  Starter's record is now 8-25 with 22 no decisions and bullpen record of 14-8. 

- Colvin, playing first because everyone else is injured, made a game saving grab with bases loaded in the 8th to preserve the lead.  Big night for him at the plate as well as his first homer in 105 at bats tied the game.

- Some love for Herrera.  In the eighth he bunted and then got to second on an errant throw to first, then got to third on a sac, and then scored on a passed ball.  Got to love small ball!

- Nice to get a win against one of the better starting pitchers this year especially with a lineup straight out of AAA:  Blackmon, Pacheco, Fowler, Brown, Rosario, Colvin, LeMahieu, Herrera, and White

- The umpire calling balls and strikes tonight was Fieldin Culbreth, now that is a baseball name...

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