Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Box Score Bytes - Game 115

- Game 50 of the Great Tracy Experiment (Train Wreck): Record 19-31.   Moscoso gets a spot start with Pomeranz having arm tightness.  Gives a standard Rox starter output:  4 innings pitched, 7 hits, 4 runs, 78 pitches, just like clockwork.  Starter's record is now 8-24 with 18 no decisions and bullpen record of 11-7. 

- Through the first 65 games of the season the Rox were 25-40, good for a .385 winning percentage.  Through the last 50 games they are 19-31 or a .380 winning percentage.  Not for sure if the vaulted 4 man rotation is doing all that much...

- Rox got first series sweep in quite a while (since june 1).  Took some Coors magic but hey whatever it takes!

- Colvin gets a walk off double that scores two and Rox win the game.  Another reason you got to love EY Jr...he is freaking fast.  Scores from first on a double to the right field corner.

- In other baseball news, Felix Hernandez, threw the third perfect game this season.  On the bright side Rox have thrown 3 shutouts and have allowed only 3 hits in two games.  The graph below shows Rox ERA versus the league average versus Rox winning percentage.  I might not be a baseball guy but something tells me that to be competitive in this league you might need pitching...just saying

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