Sunday, September 9, 2012

Box Score Bytes - Game 139

- Game 74 of the Great Tracy Experiment (Train Wreck): Record 31-43. Starter's record is now 12-31 with 31 no decisions and bullpen record of 19-12.

- With 83 losses Rox should look at this game to wonder maybe it is something more than pitching.  Rox committed 5 errors today.  Two by Nelson, one by Pacheco, and two by Herrera.  Four runs were unearned and of course if these runs didn't score than Rox win by one...

- Phillies take the season series 7-2 (Yikes!).

- Why I hate September baseball?  Phillies use 7 pitchers to get through the game.  How the most important month of the season gets the expansion of rosters which changes how games are managed is beyond me...

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