Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Box Score Bytes - Game 147

- Not for sure what it is about San Fran but they completely own us right now.  San Fran owns a 12-4 record against Rox this year.  Last year they took 13 games against the Rox.  In every aspect they are complete opposites of our Rox.  Awesome pitching with weak hitting, it is just confounding.

- Rosario hit his 25th home run and is now tied with Helton for the Rox rookie record.  My guess with 15 games remaining and seven of those at home he will be the all time leader.  As Troy Rench twittered, he is a 20/20 man in his own way with 25 homers and 20 pass balls.

- Giants batters have a .457 batting average against Francis this year...yikes

- Game had a little bit of everything with catcher's interference, field interference, a baseball ricocheting off a helmet, and a flipped bat which sort of led to a player being tossed but not really.

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