Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Box Score Bytes - Game 141

- Game 76 of the Great Tracy Experiment (Train Wreck): Record 32-44.  Chacin struggles and Rox piggyback can't stop the bleeding.  Rox might have false hopes due to a 20-13 bullpen record.  Is this truly sustainable over an entire season?  Starter's record is now 12-31 with 33 no decisions and bullpen record of 20-13.

- With White hitting a home run yesterday helping the Rox win, tonight Rox loss because we gave up a home run to the opposing team.  Just another strange chapter in the book that is Coors Field.

- Rox almost came back with a Colvin homer in the bottom of the ninth but then Giambi lined out to the end the game.  

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