Thursday, September 20, 2012

Box Score Bytes - Game 148

- Maybe it's just when we play the Giants but Rox just look horrible.  Besides a nice little run in late August this team doesn't look any better.  It has seemingly regressed to what we saw in May and June.  I really thought we'd see some growth, some excitement, something.  At this rate what we are seeing this month is what is going to start next April.  Frankly I have no confidence that what is fielded next year will be any better.  Seasons like this just suck the joy of baseball out of me...

- Giants have all of 24 homers in their own ballpark and yet are closing in on another division title...pretty much sums up what it takes to win in baseball, yup a little thing called PITCHING!

- Rox sit at 58 - 90 with 14 games remaining.  They need to go at least 9-5 to match their worse record ever.  With the way they are playing losing 100 is back in play.  Rox bottom my friends 

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