Thursday, June 2, 2011

Box Score Bytes - Game 55

Inning 1) Frustrating start for Rox, two on, two out and Helton K's but positive start for U-Ball on the mound...10 pitches to retire the side.

Inning 2) Wiggy triples!! There is a lumbering giant on the base paths. Nice sac by Morales to get Rox an early lead. U-Ball comes back with a 9 pitch, one-hit inning.

Inning 3) Rox manufacture another run with a double, bunt, and sac fly. While it is not exactly rox em sox em baseball, I think this type of baseball on the road wins you games, that and some good starting pitching!

Inning 4) Helton hits out his 7th souvenir for the the miracles of P90X. Jimenez gives up his 2nd single but gets out of the set with no damage

Inning 5) Smith gets second hit of the night...not your prototypical lead off guy but if he gets on base that is what the Rox need. U-Ball cruising with an 8 pitch bottom half.

Inning 6) When is Tulo going to get going? One hit, one walk night but is batting 0.251 for the season. U-Ball's first struggle of the nigh with a lead off single and 20 pitch inning but closes it out with 2 K's

Inning 7) Rox had man on 2nd and 3rd with one out but Smith fails to deliver. Insurance runs would have been nice especially late in the game but U-Ball comes back with a 5 pitch wonder inning. Vintage Jimenez

Inning 8) Tulo gets first hit of night and bases become loaded but Fowler (he who was hitting well with RISP) can't get anyone home. In a typical night, these last two inning failures to score with men on would doom the Rox but U-Ball throws a 12 pitch bottom half and continues to hold Dodgers down.

Inning 9) Things get nervous with Furcal getting the fourth hit of the night to get the Dodgers going but three straight outs with a K in the final at bat and U-Ball goes the distance with his first win of the year (finally, sigh of relief, and fantasy owners rejoice everywhere!)

Extras) 106 pitch complete game seven strikeout for U-Ball. Hopefully this is the turning point for his season. Rox needed something positive as they moved into the month of June. Rox finally had some luck in a low scoring game but have to look at it that they left a bunch on. Third shut out of the year by the staff...95th in their history

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