Sunday, June 12, 2011

Box Score Bytes - Game 64

A Slurpee Score!  Yup Rox lose 11-7 to the Dodgers.  16th time in Rox history the score ended up being 7-11. 

This weekend series with Dodgers remain me of the old days, pre-humidor.  Both teams knocked out 31 hits, three errors, and 18 runs although only one homer was hit.  Both bullpens go 4 innings each with Dodgers giving up 6 runs and Rox giving up 8 although only 6 were earned.  These were the first unearned runs the Rox relief corps had this year. 

Rox battered bullpen seems to be regressing.  A strong point in the early part of the season looks very shaky of late.  Had to figure this might happen with the offense starting to hit then our pitching start to fall apart.  When will a complete team show up this year?

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