Monday, June 6, 2011

Box Score Bytes - Game 59

Inning 1) Rox actually take an early lead with a Tulo single. How important is an early lead? Rox are 484 - 212 (0.695 winning percentage) when leading after the first inning from 1993 - 2010.

Inning 2) Nothing doing, Mortensen allows two singles but gets out of the inning.

Inning 3) New look lineup tonight with CarGo batting first and Helton back in three hole.

Inning 4) 18 pitches between the two pitchers...needless to say not much going on at this point. Standard night at PetCo or the Litterbox which I like to call it.

Inning 5) Rox go down with three K's and Padres go down with three groundouts

Inning 6) Two doubles for the Rox but Nelson gets greedy and gets thrown out at third. Too bad since Helton hit another double.

Inning 7) Brothers has his Big League debut and Belisle closes the inning.

Inning 8) Bullpen gets into trouble by loading the bases but Reynolds strikes out for the third out. Rox go into the 9th leading by one run. Ughh hate West Coast baseball. They need an anti-humidor!

Inning 9) Rox offense awakens with double, a triple, and single. Rox go up 3-0. Street wraps up the night with two K's and flyball.

Nice win

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