Friday, June 10, 2011

Box Score Bytes - Game 62

- Rox finally home!  4-5 road trip saved the season, sure they were like 18-30 since their hot start but this trip was something to build on or at least I hope.  Not quite like that Clint Eastwood movie when he drives that bus through alley with all of those cops shooting at him but I bet the hitters felt like it having to go from cavernous Dodger Stadium, to land where runs don't score, to finally the ball park where home runs go to die.  If that trip didn't teach the Rox the meaning of small ball then nothing will.

- So what happens tonight?  The flood gates open, the frustrations burst out, and home plate was once again found.  So what if it was a shoot out and a 9-7 score.  It just felt great to see teams, any team, just score at ease (apologies to the pitchers, but come on). 

- On a night when Flash Gordon's kid is leading off for the Dodgers...who didn't love Flash Gordon!

-  Who doesn't love 5 doubles, triple,  and home run and even an almost cycle with Kemp only missing the single (only at Coors Field does that happen)!

-  On a night where the Rox looked like they were still on their road trip finally got a whiff of the rare air in the 6th and said hey we can hit again.  Dam was broken and Rox reeled off 3 in the sixth, 5, in the seventh, and 1 more for good measure in the eighth!

- 6 Rox got in the action and each add an RBI while Tulo got 4. 

-  Good ole fashion Coors Field baseball...thanks!

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