Saturday, June 11, 2011

Box Score Bytes - Game 63

Rox are now 4-7 in my appearances.  Last night was the first night I saw them bat once around the line up.  It messes up my scorecard but it is a beautiful thing.  I wonder how many 9 (and +) batter innings start with the pitcher?

Bottom of the fifth started innocuously with a groundout to the shortstop but then 6 straight hits, a fly ball out, followed by another hit and the Rox score 5 in the inning.  Partner that with Tulo's solo shot in the 2nd and that was good enough for 6-0 lead.

With Chacin cruising, only allowing three hits and striking out nine and being lifted in the ninth for mop up duty the Rox gave the Dodgers some life, letting them get to within one run, before Street finally earned his 19th save.  

Great game through 8 but in the end Rox pulled to within one game of 0.500.   

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