Saturday, June 4, 2011

Box Score Bytes - Game 56

Inning 1)  59 degrees with a light mist in San Fran tonight...Summer still on hold in the was  the offenses

Inning 2)  Typical game in San Fran...all pitching, no gods must be punishing San Fran after what Bonds did to the baseball....

Inning 3)  Nicasio gets a double...Rox first hit of the night, go figure

Inning 4)  Rox show some life with the Big Three...walk by CarGo, double by Tulo, and groundout by Helton to score the night's first run.  And of course the Rox pitcher's can't hold a lead as Nicasio gives up three runs in the bottom half.

Inning 5)  Rox mount a challenge in the 5th by getting the bases loaded (Nicasio gets his second double of the night) and Helton at the plate...just what the Doctor ordered except for the groundout back to the pitcher...

Inning 6 -8) Rox fall asleep at the well sending up the minimum....Giants have scored their average so now they just throw out their pitchers to keep the lead

Inning 9)  Rox finally show some life against the Beard, but Spilly and Smith can't get it done with two on and the Rox go quietly into the night

Extra)  Rox had 5 hits and two were by Nicasio!  Rox were 1 for 13 with runner's in scoring position.

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