Friday, June 24, 2011

Box Score Bytes - Game 75

1)  Wow Rox only allow 5 hits to the Bronx Bombers.

2)  AJ has a four strike out inning, according to Tracy Ringosby that is the 54 time in major league baseball and to think AJ has done it twice.

3)  If Vegas had odds on Giambi hitting a home run with his first pitch I would have taken that and ran with it baby...majestic

4)  Too bad Jeter is hurt would have have been nice to see Tulo and him snagging balls...again think Tulo wasn't visualizing hitting it out at Yankee Stadium?

5)  Nice win in the Bronx!  And by the way if you think the Rox are impressive sitting at 38-37...guess what Nats are 39-37 and Pirates are 38-37.  Let's put something into perspective...

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